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Our humble beginning at a residence as an iEmbed technologies venture.

One of our earliest clients was an international firm that was one of the biggest utility metering firms

We expanded further to include the medical and automotive industries

Intellithings, our industrial & retail IOT offering launched.

We formed a partnership with RICCO Associates Limit

We are proud to announce that we were the first to design the world's smallest RF-ID tags

We became one of the promotors of Lahari, India's first class advanced electronic test facility set-up in Mysore.

We made contribution towards the fight against Covid-19 by assisting our client with the design & development of the product, who was tasked with supplying oxygen concentrators & ventilators world over.

Implantaire is the first Indian company to design & manufacture the arm based sodium computing module. This year we saw the birth of Implantaire UK.

An in-house IOT lab was formed this year

We have offered solution to small & large organizations, designing products  transforming ideas to reality. Our clients now include energy, healthcare & transportation sectors.



We believe that any fresh idea or a new design cannot be envisaged with corrupt minds. Unless the organization decides to adapt and adhere to core values, the values can't be percolated to its own people and its partners. Our values serve as a guide to our actions and describe how we interact with our costumers and our clients.



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