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Product Testing


Implantaire offers a wide range of testing services to assure product quality. We have the equipment and experience required to test both software and hardware products. Based on its experience of providing end-to-end quality assurance services, Implantaire has developed a set of best practices, techniques, and frameworks. Implantaire’s Test Process is flexible to meet the test requirements of stringently regulated products (such as medical device testing) as well as the requirements of less regulated products (such as consumer electronic device testing). We implement a preliminary test plan based on the design specification and a final test plan after the details of the product are understood. Diagnostics to test the initial prototype is the highest priority. Services include development of test plans, software unit and integration testing, functional testing, design verification and validation testing. Our expertise includes testing in a variety of product categories, communication products, military electronics and PC Peripherals.

  • Multiple test levels to support a range of requirements traceability and test documentation

  • Test design and detailed test protocol development

  • Test tool development and data set creation

  • Design verification and validation

  • USB Product, device testing and coordination of USB Certification

  • ESD and EMC

  • FCC and UL pre-screening and coordination of compliance testing

  • CE marking

  • Wireless (ZigBbee, Bluetooth) testing


Implantaire offers dedicated product quality assurance services to its clients in a unique fashion. We ensure that the product is thoroughly tested on all dimensions of quality like functional, non-functional and reliability, to deploy with confidence. The quality assurance service center work around the following basic principles:

  • Defect prevention

  • Early detection of defects and prevention of defect multiplication

  • Cost-effective rectification of defects

  • Isolating testing and development processes yielding better quality of products

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