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R&D Tax Credit Advisory

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Research and Development Tax Relief was introduced for qualifying expenditures incurred on relevant R&D work from 1 April 2000. Between April 2000 and April 2006 around 22,000 claims for R&D tax credit relief were made in the UK with almost £1.8 billion of support claimed, of which 19,000 claims were made by SMEs.

Despite this it is estimated that £800 million has not been claimed by UK SMEs because they are unfamiliar with the scheme or incorrectly believe that the work they are undertaking does not qualify as “R&D”. Much of this unclaimed credit is in the field of computer software where often companies believe their projects are routine development work rather than qualifying for R&D. With an in-house PhD in Computer Science we are well positioned to evaluate R&D issues relating to software project developments.

Staff at Implantaire Technologies have considerable experience in this field and can identify and prepare our technical documentation, in such a way as to maximize the amount and value of your R&D tax credit claim. We have a close working relationship with UK’s leading provider of R & D Tax Credit Advisory Services, should you need access to specialist accounting and taxation advice, especially for large projects.

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