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We are a design firm with an international presence. At Implantaire, we incubate, nurture and manage ideas and bring life to them. What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to offer top-class quality,deploy the latest outsourcing technology, a high quality engineering talent and substantial cost advantages.

A multifaceted multidisciplinary team consisting of engineers from various disciplines, architects, industrial designers, healthcare professionals, teachers and language experts

Our Team

Our goal is to deliver world-class services and this thinking is backed by our Quality Certifications like ISO 9001:2000 & Carnegie Mellon SEI CMMi Level 3. Striking a balance between superior technology and strong people operations, we continue to offer design concepts and ideas to our clients, that helps build a lifelong relationship with them.


By the way, our clients love our design solutions!

Our Goal
Vision, Mission and Values
We are a part of the world which is changing faster than ever. We have witnessed the passing of the last 15 years which has completely changed the world as we understand it.
Technology and products and the way we have interacted with them have undergone a paradigm shift. There is a larger part of the human population which has been left untouched with this advancement.
The major responsibility of the corporations and government worldwide is to spread good design technology, in order to bring the world together and diminish the digital divide


Our company started with humble beginnings at a residence, in the year 2003 as an iEmbed Technologies venture. We were happy to receive our first order from Mechelonic Welders, a premier supplier of welding instruments worldwide. The First Step was taken and our journey began.


One of our earliest clients was an international firm that was one of the biggest utility metering firms. Our business grew to include industrial instrumentation, wireless and lean and mean product designs.


We expanded further to include the Medical and Automotive Industries and started making our presence felt globally.


We are proud to announce that we were the first to design the world’s smallest active RF – ID Tag.


Implantaire is the first Indian Company to design and manufacture the ARM based SODIMM computing module. This was mostly exported to be used in environmental and agricultural systems worldwide. This year saw the birth of Implantaire UK.


We became the distributors of Fingerprint Cards AB in India.


We formed a partnership with Ricco Associates Limited.


An in-house IoT Lab was formed this year.


Intellithings, our Industrial & Retail IoT Offering Launched.


In our journey so far, we have offered solutions to small and large organizations, designing products and transforming ideas into reality. Our clients now include Energy, Healthcare and Transportation sectors.

Our History


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